Repago App

Designed a navigable prototype to simplify the repayment process of the students.

Laboratoria students pay nothing during the program and, after getting a job, pay back a subsidized amount in monthly installments so that other women can have the same opportunity. For that, the Rapago App is used.

The Challenge

Simplify and centralize the information on Repago App to be sustainable over time and able to assist more graduates.


Create an app where Laboratoria students will find basic and important information such as the payment date, the number of installments paid, the minimum payment amount, and also payment history.

My Role

  • Research and visual exploration

  • Gathering and evaluating user requirements, in collaboration with the Product Owner and UX designer

  • Design high fidelity mockups and create new components according to existing brand guides


  • Discovery: Interviewed students to understand their pain points, needs, goals, and their day-to-day

  • Synthesis: Research summary to identify insights and innovation opportunities based on the data gathered during the discovery phase

  • Ideation: Wireframe design before moving on to low-fidelity mockups

  • Design: Design high-fidelity according to brand guides


  • User interviews

  • Research summary


  • UI Kit

  • High-Fidelity mockups