Kiara Hiyashida Ceramics


I was fortunate to be able to help Kiara revamp her brand to be consistent across all media - digital, print, and clay.

She really liked her previous logo, but it was difficult for her to apply it to the medium that she needed the most: clay!

This project started exploring ways in which she could keep her brand essence, be recognizable, and be easy to find on social media.

Fotos de Kiara Hiyasida y @veronica.cerna

Several pieces were delivered: logo, business cards, patterns, packaging proposals, bags, website, and the main piece a ceramic stamp.

And since the brand and also Kiara make a great effort to reduce waste, several options were created for the packaging and transportations of the ceramics.

These pieces were created with illustrations of her own ceramis in order to have coherence and consistency with the brand.